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This Valkyrie Lives

what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

Claire Redfield
30 April 1979
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Claire Redfield { valkyrie }My life's pretty quiet now. The sign of a true adult, huh? The Harley's getting dusty, guns are locked safely away. I don't like being all grown up. It's dull.


Canon: Resident Evil (Default is post-RE: 5, but we'll gladly play any of them)
Age: 32
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: TerraSave: Director of Investigations
Currently living in: Washington, D.C., USA

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History: Living in the lazy suburbs of Chicago, IL, Jim and Danielle Redfield had given up trying to have a second child once their son, Chris, turned four. Two years later, Claire was the happiest surprise of their lives. The family of four was a very close-knit one. They went on camping trips together, to baseball games together, had barbecues and pool parties, the whole nine yards. They were the embodiment of the American Dream.

On their anniversary in 1991, Jim and Danielle went out to dinner and a drunk driver ensured that they never came back. Chris rushed home from McGuire AFB where he was stationed to become the guardian of his twelve year old sister. From the moment he picked her up from the police station, the two siblings shared a special bond.

Claire left the nest and began studying English Education at Boston University in 1997. While she dealt with the ups and downs of love, growing up, and being on her own, her brother went missing. Upon realizing this, Claire dropped everything and left for Raccoon City to try and find Chris.

Instead she found a shit-load of zombies and monsters created by the pharmaceutical giant, The Umbrella Corporation, a little girl named Sherry, and a rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy. Somehow, the three of them beat the odds and escaped the hellhole that the Midwestern city had become. Claire left the injured Leon and the still-weakened Sherry in military custody and continued her search for her brother.

The younger Redfield sibling ended up imprisoned on Rockfort Island for trespassing and found even more zombies and monsters! She ended up in the Antarctic where she was finally reunited with her brother.

Chris returned Claire to school with firm orders to never pull a stunt like the one she'd spent the past few months pulling again. Claire used the money gained in an out-of-court settlement to transfer to Harvard University. While pursuing her degree, Claire found she couldn't sit idly by and allow companies like Umbrella to ruin lives and joined the human rights organization, TerraSave.

Years later while traveling for work, Claire ended up in the middle of, you guessed it, another viral outbreak. While proving she hadn't lost her touch, she was reunited with Leon and they were incredibly badass as Leon hadn't lost his touch either. With their powers combined, the situation was resolved, the crisis was averted, the bad guys were caught, and everybody made it home in time for dinner.

Mun: winter_serenity
Yes, I have used poetic license to fill in some blanks in Claire's history. Not everything I reference is canon, I promise.
Homeless and staying that way for now. Suggestions are welcome!
Muse and mun are both over 21. Not particularly interested in sex, but any other adult situations? Bring 'em on!
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