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This Valkyrie Lives
what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object
29th-Dec-2020 08:46 am - CALL ME

Hey! You've reached Claire Redfield. Sorry I missed you, but if you leave a message, I'll call you back as soon as I can! [BEEP]

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30th-Apr-2011 01:46 pm - [FIC] Want versus Need
Srs Bzns
Title: Want versus Need
Fandom: Resident Evil/Criminal Minds
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Brief mentions of drug use, alcoholism, and sex
Summary: Claire and Hotch sit down to discuss her stalker

"Claire, I hate to do this, but I have to ask," the agent began.

"How did I get tangled up with George?"

Hotch nodded.

Claire heaved a sigh, "It's a long story."

"We have time."

"Yeah, we do," the redhead smiled softly and stared at her glass idly. "Well, it was my first year of college. I was eighteen and already a sophmore. I'd taken a lot of AP classes in high school," she laughed a little. "I dove right into my major, English education. I started shadowing teachers at local high schools my second semester. That's where I met George." She sighed heavily and knocked back her drink.

"He was a teachers' assistant at one of the schools I taught at. We had the same lunch hour and he said he couldn't stand seeing a pretty girl sit alone. Looking back, I'm positive he could tell how naive and inexperienced I was." Claire chuckled bitterly. "I was so enamored with him. He was smart and talked to me like he thought I was smart. I was so used to boys my own age who saw my bra size and not my IQ that it never occured to me that it was just flattery. George didn't even have to ask me out, he just asked when I'd be free for dinner."

"Claire, you can't-" Hotch began.

The redhead held up her hand, "Let me finish. We went out for a while. My spidey senses started going off after a few weeks." She sighed. "I knew something more was going on, that he wasn't completely on the level. At first, I thought it was another woman," she snorted. "Hell, at first, it may have been, but always I thought it was weird that he absolutely refused to allow me in his medicine cabinet. Then one day, the cabinet was completely empty, door ajar and everything. It reminded me of Dad trying to hide his alcoholism. He'd been borderline obsessive compulsive about his liquor cabinet and then I came home from school one day and it was empty with the doors swinging open."

Claire paused. "I think, deep down, I knew it was a bad idea to confront him, that I wasn't ready to deal with George the way Mom dealt with Dad when she confronted him. In the end, I did the cowardly thing. I just asked about the empty cabinet. George smiled a little condescendingly, tapped my nose, and said he didn't want me getting into anything and hurting myself. I wanted to believe him, so I did." She shook her head. "It went on like that until I disappeared to Raccoon City. I never went back to Boston U. I figured I'd never see him again." The redhead snorted. "That worked out well."

Aaron sighed, "I hate to pry into your sex life, Claire, but-"

"Every time he saw me," the Redfield said bluntly. "When we went out on dates, they always ended back at his apartment. It got to the point that I set the alarm on my watch before we went out so I could make it to class the next day. He was demanding and it was exhausting but I was so in awe that I was willing to do anything to keep him around.

I didn't even tell Chris about him. I guess I knew he was bad news and that Chris wouldn't want me around him. That's why I just," Claire paused, "dropped George when I left. He was only worth the trouble when I was alone. Once I found Chris, I wasn't so lonely and I didn't need him anymore."
21st-Feb-2011 07:51 pm - Writer's Block: Following the leader
Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide. What would you change about your country and why? Would you make new laws? Paint the White House blue? Tell all!

If I won by a mudslide, the first thing I'd do is help the victims of the natural disaster!

Livejournal is definitely not the place to go into everything President Claire Redfield would change about the USA.
14th-Feb-2011 09:57 am - JOURNAL: I'm really upset right now
F*ck you
To start this off, I'm just going to come right out and say it: Leon is my best friend.

We've been to hell and back together more than once. I trust him with parts of me I only trust Chris or Jill with. He understands me. He knows when my calling him in the middle of the night crying means I need someone with me and when it means I just need to talk. He's been known to drop his everything to help me out, consequences be damned. We can spend days not saying a word to each other; not because we don't want to, but because we don't need to. We can say everything we need to say without uttering a word. We would die for each other without a second thought. (And we've come close to doing just that once or twice.)

So with that in mind, I'm hoping you can understand just how serious it is when I say that I hate seeing Leon upset.

His ex-girlfriend, the one I've mentioned before, has moved from clinginess to anger and has taken one of their mutual friends with her. They're both screaming at him for being insensitive and selfish, lying and claiming he was neglecting the both of them. According to them, he'd been ignoring them for months.

I sat next to him while his texts went unanswered. I saw his face when his calls went to voicemail. I've watched him obsessively check his phone, just in case he didn't hear it ring or didn't feel the telltale buzz. I watched him center his entire life around these two who were (and maybe still are) so incredibly important to them. He tried so hard. It's just not fair.

I want to get on his Facebook and block them for him. I want to take the phone from him and scream at them. I want to show up at their door and ask them why the hell they're doing this. Leon doesn't deserve this.
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

Either "Leon's Ego" or "Chris's Head."
9th-Feb-2011 02:29 pm - JOURNAL: Well, nevermind then.
It looks like I'm not moving after all. Leon's offered me the guest room. I suppose I have had a key long enough and considering how he practically lived with me in Baltimore, he does owe me.

It was sweet. He took me out to a very nice restaurant (that has the best cheesecake in town, by the way) and asked me over dinner. I think he takes me more seriously than any of my exes ever did.

That's actually really depressing. I'm not going to think about that anymore.

Anyway, Leon ruined all the sweetness of taking me to dinner by scaring the crap out of me. He decided, since the entire restaurant was staring at us, to propose to me because he thought it was funny. Everyone in the dining room was mortified when I said, "Fuck you, Leon," and threw my napkin at him. Dick.

And, apparently, I did say something when I blacked out. Leon won't tell me what. It's driving me crazy!

You know, I probably didn't say a damn thing and he's just being an ass. It wouldn't surprise me at all.
7th-Feb-2011 02:39 pm - JOURNAL: My head...
Srs Bzns
I don't know what happened after I got home last night.

I had a few drinks with my friend and dodged the crazy Super Bowl crowds. We talked and had a good time. He dropped me off at home. I remember coming inside and locking the door behind me and... after that, nothing.

I woke up in Leon's bed, fully dressed with my shoes on. He was already gone by the time I dragged myself out of bed, which is very unusual. His alarm usually goes off when mine does and we spend an hour being crabby not-morning people before we head our separate ways.

I'm not worried that Leon got fresh with me, I know him better than that. I just don't know what happened or why he's acting so strange. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
6th-Feb-2011 08:04 am - JOURNAL: I'm surprised.
Vroom Vroom
I finally got my baby registered here. I'm going to have to change it all once I find my own place, but I can finally get around on my own now. No more late night bus rides for me!

I'm excited about more than just freedom from public transit, though. I hadn't realized just how much of my identity was wrapped up in my bike and I definitely didn't realize how much of myself I put in storage with that motorcycle.

I hid my bike away just like I hid a lot of who I was away, to fit in, to be somebody else, to become the status quo. If I didn't stand out, I couldn't be found. If I couldn't be found then, well, he couldn't find me. Beyond that, I'm really not sure why (or even when) I decided to put Claire into storage and let my fear suck the life out of me.

I spent five hours riding around town for the first time in years. I feel like I found a part of me that's been missing for way too long.

Welcome back, Claire.
4th-Feb-2011 01:05 am - JOURNAL: Overwhelmed.
I feel like my life is in complete shambles.

I have no home to call my own. I'm staying at Leon's for now. I had to change my number again. Hopefully everybody got my text. I sold my car and I'm stuck taking public transportation until I get my bike up to code. I'm scared to register my change of address at the post office.

I think a couple of my bosses are wanting to fire me. After this last George fiasco, I don't blame them. Hell, I'm not even sure I want to work with TerraSave anymore. It used to be about getting out there and changing the world. Now it's about politics and red tape. We've gone from activists to bureaucrats and it's killing me.

And speaking of killing me, that love life I've been fighting so hard not to have keeps rearing its ugly head. George won't go away. He's recruited somebody on the outside to come after me or the wrong guy got arrested or something. I don't know, but he doesn't seem to be slowing down at all this time. (And it's not like the cops care enough to actually do anything anyway. Didn't you know? It's my fault I have an obsessive, dangerous stalker.)

I think I might actually be falling for someone which scares the fuck out of me. I mean, dating has gone so well for me before! It doesn't help that it's also threatening to ruin one of the few friendships I have and cherish. I can't tell if it's just a passing fancy or if it's something more. I hope it's just temporary.

At least Leon's love life is as messed up as mine is. It would be pretty unbearable to be around a perfect couple all the time. (Best quote so far: "I still love you. I'll always love you." "...Thanks.") I think if Leon's now-ex wasn't being crazy and texting him with clingy, pseudo-romantic bullshit all the time, I would have just drowned myself by now.

I feel like everybody around me is having mid-life crises right when I'm having what I'm terrified is end-of-life panic attacks...
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